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Vanness Wu – In Between 2008 New Songs & Greatest Hits Collection

Posted under Vanness Wu by admin on Saturday 28 February 2009 at 16:32

Genre : Pop/Ballad/Rock
Language : Mandarin

Tracklist :

01. 我不是自己 (I Am Not Myself)
02. Lucky Me
03. 自己的節奏 (My Own Pace)
04. 我討厭我自己 (I Hate Myself)
05. 午夜場的電影 (Midnight Movie)
06. 零時差 (Zero Day)
07. 尋找茱麗葉 (Searching For Juliet)
08. 我的王國 (My Kingdom)
09. 放手 (Let Go)
10. 想像十個你 (Imagining Ten Of You)
11. Never Let You Go
12. Listen to Your Heart
13. 誰讓妳流淚 (Who Let You Cry)
14. 因為太愛你 (Because Of Loving You Too Much)
15. 媽媽 (Mother)


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