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Posted under Japanese Movies by admin on Saturday 28 February 2009 at 11:28

Utatama (うた魂(たま)♪) is a 2008 Japanese movie directed by Makoto Tanaka.

Plot Summary

Set in a town in Hokkaido, an unusually self-assured girl named Kasumi is the lead soprano of her high school’s choral group. One day the handsome and cool class chairman snaps a photo of her during a performance but the expression on her face at that moment resembled a spawning salmon. Utterly mortified, she decides to quit the choir, but ends up meeting a gang-leader from River High School who rekindles her love of singing.


  • Kaho … Kasumi
  • Hideo Ishiguro
  • Gori
  • Hiroko Yakushimaru
  • Rie Tomosaka
  • Kanpei Hazama
  • Eri Tokunaga
  • Akiko
  • Sayuri Iwata


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