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Twins Mission

Posted under Chinese Movies by admin on Monday 23 February 2009 at 18:52


  • Charlene Choi as Pearl
  • Gillian Chung as Jade
  • Sammo Hung as Lucky
  • Wu Jing as Lau Hey
  • Yuen Wah as Chang Chung
  • Jess Zhang as Lilian
  • Steven Cheung as Fred
  • Shek Sau as Mr. Mok
  • Qiu Lier as Happy

An evil gang of twins hold up a train carrying a magical Tibetan artifact. A battle ensues and the artifact is knocked from the hands of a parachuting villain into the bag of an unsuspecting passer-by. He then gets into his van and heads off to Hong Kong. This is where the Twins come in; they are aided by Lau Hey (Wu Jing) and Lucky (Sammo Hung) as they try to get the object back. It turns out the artifact has healing powers and it is a highly desirable item. A secret mission must take place, in which the Twins infiltrate a high rise building in order to recover the item and heal a young friend.


Part 01 || Part 02 || Part 03 || Sub

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