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The Silver Season

Posted under Japanese Movies by admin on Thursday 26 February 2009 at 16:54

Aka: Gin iro no shîzun
Year: 2008
Directed: Eiichiro Hasumi
Genre.: Drama/Sport
Runtime: 108 Mins
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English/Japanese
Cast: Eita, Rena Tanaka, Tetsuji Tamayama

Synopsis / Plot

Slacker extreme skiers Gin (Eita), Yuji (Tamayama Tetsuji), and Juro (Aoki Munetaka) live life at top speed on the snow white peaks of Hakuba. Other than skiing and more skiing, the three “Alpine Handymen” run odds jobs, ruffle feathers, and make reckless fun,  often all at the same time. Gin lands himself a ski instructor gig when city girl Nanami (Tanaka Rena) shows up at the Dogwood Ski Lodge to prepare for her lavish ice chapel wedding. A crash course is in order since her groom-to-be is an expert skier, and she can’t even take the bunny hill without, well, crashing. Impatient speed freak Gin and perennially clumsy Nanami couldn’t be more different at first gander, but they’re both struggling to let go of the past, looking for answers that can only be found on two skis.



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