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The Professor’s Beloved Equation

Posted under Japanese Movies by admin on Saturday 28 February 2009 at 12:33

The Professor’s Beloved Equation is a Japanese film released January 21, 2006 and directed by Takashi Koizumi. It is based on the novel The Professor’s Beloved Equation.

In contrast to the original work, which is told from the perspective of the narrator, the film is shown from the perspective of a 29 year old root as he recounts his memories of the professor to a group of new pupils. Though there are a few differences between the film and the original work (for example, the movie touches on the relationship between the professor and the widow while the book does not give much detail), the film is generally faithful to the original.


  • The professor – Akira Terao
  • Kyoko(narrator from the book) – Eri Fukatsu
  • Root – Takanari Saito
  • The Teacher(Root after age 19) – Hidetaka Yoshioka
  • The widow – Ruriko Asaoka


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