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The Longest Night in Shanghai

Posted under Chinese Movies by admin on Monday 23 February 2009 at 20:16



The Longest Night in Shanghai is a Vicky Zhao’s new movie. From the same director of Spring Subway and Curiosity Kills the Cat, Sixth Generation, Zhang Yihai, The Longest Night is capturing the state of modern relationships in the constant bustle of present-day China. The story is about Japanese makeup artist Mizushima Naoki (Motoki Masahiro) who’s in Shanghai on a job. Wandering by himself at night, he takes a knocking from reckless taxi driver Lin Xi (Vicki Zhao), but is luckily unharmed. After some language confusion, Naoki gets into the taxi, mistaking Lin Xi’s insistent friendliness as an invitation for a free tour of Shanghai. Little does he know, Lin Xi is planning on taking this well-heeled foreigner on a very roundabout tour of Shanghai, with the meter running. As Naoki’s worried colleagues set off in search for him, Lin Xi and Naoki slowly develop a bond that transcends their language gap.


Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3




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