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Stephy Tang – The Red Album

Posted under Stephy Tang by admin on Saturday 28 February 2009 at 16:19

Genre : Pop/Ballad
Record Label : Gold Label Entertainment Limited
Language : Cantonese/Mandarin


01. 中華冷麵 (Chinese Cold Noodles)
02. 京都之雪 (The Snow Of Kyoto)
03. 冷靜 (Calmness)
04. 颱風 (Typhoon)
05. 愛與妒忌 (Love And Jealousy)
06. 女兒紅 (Girly Red)
07. 其實我想… (Actually I Want…)
08. 童謠 (Nursery Rhymes)
09. 苦浪漫 (國語) [Bitter Romance (Mandarin)]
10. 如夢令 (國語) [Dreamlike (Mandarin)]


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