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Shaolin Girl

Posted under Japanese Movies by admin on Saturday 28 February 2009 at 12:45

Aka: Shôrin shôjo
Year: 2008
Directed: Katsuyuki Motohiro
Genre: Action
Runtime:  107 mins
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Cast: Kou Shibasaki, Tôru Nakamura, Yosuke Eguchi, Takashi Okamura, Kitty Zhang Yuqi, Chi Chung Lam, Kai Man Tin

Synopsis / Plot

Produced by Stephen Chow (Shaolin Soccer, CJ7), Shaolin Girl tells the story of a girl by the name of Rin, who is compelled to take over her late grandfather’s kung-fu dojo. She endures 3,000 days of brutal training at the Shaolin Martial Arts School in China before returning to her native Japan. But what awaits her is a dojo that lies in tatters and students who have abandoned the true discipline of Shaolin kung-fu.

While struggling to restore her grandfather’s school to its former glory and spread a genuine Shaolin philosophy, Rin attends university where she becomes the star member of the lacrosse team. While Rin’s exceptional physical abilities being a string of victories to the team, her teammates in turn come to her aid by helping her reestablish the dojo. Just as fortune seems to smile upon her, a dark incident from a past Rin knew nothing about rears its ugly head and throws her into a fantastic showdown with tremendous evil. Is the Shaolin Girl up to the challenge?



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