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Posted under Korean Movies by admin on Saturday 14 February 2009 at 13:43

In the midst of the political crisis marked by the Gwangju Uprising in 1980, the country was in an absolute craze over a new baseball phenom, Sun Dong Yeol. Known as a ghost pitcher at the time, Sun topped the list of every scouting agent, both nationwide and overseas. Director Kim Hyun Seok (When Romance Meets Destiny) presents Scout, a touching comedy which takes the audience behind the scenes to the world of Korean baseball and reveals intriguing antics surrounding the scouting of real-life legendary baseball pitcher Sun Dong Yeol. Lim Chang Jung (Miracle On 1st Street, Underground Rendezvous) stars as a talent scout who takes on the impossible mission of searching for the most wanted baseball player in the nation. First conceived by director Kim when he read Sun Dong Yeol’s autobiography, Scout also stars Uhm Ji Won (Traces Of Love, Mutt Boy) as Lim’s first love. Lightly demonstrating the strange correlation that exists between politics and sports in our society, Scout also offers its audience the opportunity to witness the beauty of one man’s transformation as he gives up his most prized possession.

Ex-baseball pitcher Ho Chang (Lim Chang Jung) now works as a staff member at a university baseball team. He is given the difficult task of scouting a ghost pitcher named Sun Dong Yeol from a Gwangju high school. While roaming through the city, Ho Chang runs into his first love Sae Young (Uhm Ji Won) who broke up with him seven years ago. Sure enough, Sae Young appears quite uneasy around him and to make matters worse, Gon Tae, a street gangster who fancies Sae Young, is more than eager to get rid of Ho Chang. Suddenly the city of Seoul turns upside down when a rumor sparks that Sun Dong Yeol is being scouted by a rival university. With his reputation hanging by a thread, Ho Chang must look for a way to seal the deal with Sun whom he has yet to find.


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