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Return of the Condor Hero’s (2006)

Posted under Chinese TV Drama's by admin on Sunday 15 February 2009 at 17:07


Genre: Chinese TV Series 41 Episodes

NOTE: The Most Popular TV Series In Asia.

Jin Yong’s (a.k.a. Louis Cha) swordplay novel The Return of the Condor Heroes has been favored by producers and directors for adaptation into TV dramas. Some well-known TV adaptations include the classic Andy Lau and Idy Chan TVB version made in 1983, the 1995 TVB version starring Louis Koo and Carman Lee, and the Taiwanese version featuring Richie Jen and Jacqueline Wu. Now comes a brand new Mainland version with Wang Xiaoming and Liu Yifei, together enacting the forbidden couple in Jin Yong’s novel to perfection. The production team claims that the new edition will become the “most fashionable” adaptation of The Return of the Condor Heroes ever.

The Return of the Condor Heroes follows the growth and development of the brave and handsome hero Yang Guo, and focuses on his love for his martial arts teacher, Dragon Girl. Although Yang appears to flirt with girls all the time, his love for Dragon Girl is actually undivided and everlasting. Morals during ancient times forbid a disciple to fall in love with his master, but he does not care how others see him and his love for Dragon Girl remains immovable and unconditional….

Huang Xiao Ming, Liu Yi Fei, Kong Lin, Zhao Liang, Kong Lin, Wang Luo Yong, Meng Guang Mei, Yang Mi, Chen Zi Han, Huang Xiao Lei, Zhou Hao Dong

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Format: Rmvb w/Eng Hard Subs


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