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Park Hyo Shin Discography

Posted under Park Hyo Shin by admin on Saturday 14 February 2009 at 00:17

The Breeze of (the) sea 5th album

Track list:
1. The Breeze Of The Sea
2. 추억은 사랑을 닮아
3. Etude (Interlude)
4. 메아리
5. Prayer
6. Wind’s Child (Interlude)
7. 1991年, 찬바람이 불던 밤….
8. 사랑을 비우다
9. Etude II
10. 그립고 그리운
11. Lullaby (진보라 선물)
12. 하고 싶은 말
13. Don’t Know Why
14. My Love
15. 10년전의 바다에 서서…
16. Now&Forever
17. Turn The Page…(Outro)

Neo Classicism 4.5 remake album

Soul Tree 4th album

Time-Honored Voice 들국화 3rd album

Second story 2nd album

Park Hyo Shin 1st album

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