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Open City

Posted under Korean Movies by admin on Saturday 14 February 2009 at 02:50

Son Ye Jin (A Moment To Remember, April Snow) masters the art of seduction in Open City, an erotic crime thriller penned and directed by Lee Sang Ki in his first feature film. The chameleon actress is enchantingly breathtaking as the sexy, manipulative femme fatale who leads an organized pickpocket ring. The first Korean film to reveal the intricate inner workings of what is considered Korea’s equivalent of the FBI, Open City also offers a riveting first-hand look at the various methods of pickpocketing that will have the audience think twice before leaving the house. Completely smitten by Son’s beauty is Kim Myung Min (Return) who breathes much charisma into his complex role as a criminal investigator. As he finds himself caught in the deadly predicament of falling for his investigation’s prime target, the onscreen chemistry between the two leads explodes to a new high. Tightly coiled with sexual tension throughout the film, Open City shows all the right moves in all the right places.

The leader of an international pickpocket organization, sexy siren Baek Jang Mi (Son Ye Jin) returns to Korea after blowing her cover in Japan. Keeping a low profile by running a small tattoo parlor, she soon organizes a new ring which quickly gains power across the country. Top-notch criminal investigator Jo Dae Young (Kim Myung Min) is called in to handle the massive pickpocket crime that is spreading like wildfire. Besieged by a dark family secret, Dae Young reluctantly takes on the case. A fatal attraction ignites when the detective saves Jang Mi from the hands of her rival ring members. Ensnared by her brazenly sexual advances, Dae Young is shocked when he later learns that she is his investigation’s prime target. With so much riding on the outcome, he trails her right into her tattoo parlor. But once again, he finds himself gambling away his basic instincts in the name of passion.


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