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Love in Macau

Posted under Chinese Movies by admin on Monday 23 February 2009 at 19:23

Hong Kong young idols Alex Fong and Stephy Tang make the perfect silver screen couple, enjoying overwhelming popularity among Hong Kong youngsters, from their musical duets to their recent box office success Love Is Not All Around. In 2006 they led the cast of painter-turned-director Chen Yifeng’s Love in Macau, a film supported by Macau Government’s Tourist Office. Macau-born painter Chen, recently starting his filming career, showcases the beauty of his hometown in Love in Macau, set in the historical city of Macau in 1943 during the Sino-Japanese war. A Mainland Chinese refugee (Aixinjueluo Qixin, descendent of China’s last emperor) falls in love with a local Macau guy (Alex Fong), without knowing that her friend (Stephy Tang) has been his secret admirer for years… A rare Macau local production, Love in Macau even became the first Macau film to be released in Mainland China since the city’s change of sovereignty in 1999. (yesasia)

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