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Joey Yung – In Motion

Posted under Joey Yung by admin on Saturday 28 February 2009 at 15:46

Genre : Pop/Ballad
Record Co : Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG)
Language : Cantonese

Tracklist :

01. 跑步機上 (On The Running Machine)
02. 與蝶同眠 (Slumbering With The Butterflies)
03. 夢非夢 (Dream Not Dream)
04. 二人浴 (Two Person Bath)
05. 忘憂草 (Mong Yau Cho)
06. 愛怪物的你 (Love Your Weirdness)
07. Scream!
08. 蛇 (Snake)
09. 頹 (Tui)
10. 28個我 (28 Times Me)


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