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Honey and Clover

Posted under Japanese Movies by admin on Wednesday 25 February 2009 at 13:08

Movie : Honey and Clover / Hachimitsu to Clover / ハチミツとクローバー
Year : 2006
Country : Japan
Director : Masahiro Takada
Starring: Sho Sakurai (Takemoto), Ryo Kase (Mayama), Yusuke Iseya (Morita), Megumi Seki (Yamada), Yuu Aoi (Hagu))
Runtime : 115 Minutes


5 college age art students become close friends as they share common interests in the field of art. The newest member of their group is Hagu. She is the niece of an art professor at the university and is known as a child prodigy. Immediately two of her friends grow to like her, Takemoto and Morita. Morita is the type that lives life on the edge, is extremely confident and talented in art. When Morita gets to spend time alone with Hagu, he expresses his feelings to her by kissing her suddenly. His friend and neighbor in the dormitory is Takemoto. He is more withdrawn, not as talented in art, and, even though he is in love with Hagu, tries to act like a friend to her.The other two friends are Mayama and Yamada. Yamada is in love with Mayama, but Mayama is in love with an older woman, who is also his boss at work.

As they all grow closer together, they must cope with the unpredictable nature of love, as well as find their own respective places in life. (Lunapark)


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