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Highway Star

Posted under Korean Movies by admin on Saturday 14 February 2009 at 02:29

Movie : Highway Star / Bokmyeon dalho / 복면달호
Year : 2007
Country : South Korea
Director : Hyun-su Kim, Sang-chan Kim


  • Tae-hyun Cha
  • Chae-mu Lim
  • So-yeon Lee
  • Seok-yong Jeong
  • Yong-joon Jo
  • Hyeong-ja Kim


Dal-ho is the lead singer of a local heavy metal band in a small rural town in Korea. A somewhat desperate owner and manager of a small record label in Seoul visits the nightclub where Dal-ho’s band is rehearsing. The owner of the label listens to Dal-ho sing and becomes convinced that Dal-ho has what it takes to become a star. They follow Dal-ho to a nearby restaurant and offer him a recording contract with Big Sound Entertainment. Dal-ho excepts on the spot. The caveat? The record label releases exclusively Trot music, a musical style loved by the older generation, but despised by the younger kids.


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