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For Eternal Hearts

Posted under Korean Movies by admin on Saturday 14 February 2009 at 14:36

Movie : For Eternal Hearts
Release Date : August 09, 2007
Country : South Korea
Director : Gyu-deok Hwang
Starring : Kyeong-ho Jeong, Min-sun Kim, Su-yeon Cha
Runtime : 103 min

“For Eternal Hearts” is an unusual Korean film, in that it dabbles with two of the more popular genres of Korean films, romance and horror, while also playing with our concept of time, the afterlife, and dream vs reality. The film clearly stands out from the crowded pack, but its uniqueness becomes more of its downfall by the second half of the film.

While the film toys with our perceptions of what has transpired in the first half, the development of the storyline suffers because of this. The filmmakers also place a few questionable gaffs in logic to make their story work ( example – why did the library custodian find the newspaper placed on the desk but not notice the lit match?). Yet, the film wasn’t a total disappointment, just not as entertaining as it should have been. An interesting story did seem to be developing prior to all those surprise twists.

Su-Young is a young German literature major in college. He becomes interested in a classmate, only known as “Pippi”, because of her spunk and carefree ways. The relationship doesn’t last long as Pippi ends her life at a student demonstration.

While getting over the death of Pippi, Su-Young picks up a tutoring job. He’s hired to tutor a girl by the name of Su-Ji in mathematics. Her mannerisms are peculiar and she doesn’t seem to take much interest in his math lessons. Su-Young even comes close to quitting the job but something draws him back. They soon fall for each other, but discover several surprises that changes their perceptions on life.

The film also featured a solid, if unspectacular, cast. Kyeong-ho Jeong (My Lovely Week / Gangster High) as the main character Su-Young, gives a performance that’s affable but hardly memorable. He gave off an aura of niceness that most parents would approve of, but there just wasn’t much fire in his performance. It was nice to see Min-Sun Kim (Memento Mori / Raging Life) break out of the sweet innocent roles she more commonly plays, but her character “Pippi” quickly becomes less of a factor after taking an unexpected dive. Jin-yeong Jeong, the king from “the King and Clown”, also appears in a supporting role as the adult Su-Young. On an unrelated note why didn’t his students or for that matter Su-Young turn on the lights?

“For Eternal Hearts” is an interesting film that was built around a handful of surprise twists unveiled in the second of the film. At times it did feel like the filmmakers lost sight of the characters in pursuit of delivering those gee-whiz surprises. Gimmicky? A bit. Entertaining? A bit. Sucks? Not quite.


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