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Fly to the Sky Discography

Posted under Fly To The Sky by admin on Friday 13 February 2009 at 22:46

Day by Day

  1. Intro
  2. In My Dream (featuring H.O.T)
  3. Day by Day
  4. I Don`t Wanna Say Good-bye
  5. Fly to the Sky
  6. Wanna be with You
  8. 내겐 너무 예쁜 그대 (Beautiful Girl)
  9. 사랑을 닮은 노래 (A SONG FOR LOVE)

The Promise

  1. 약속 (The Promise)
  2. A Confession (고백)
  3. What U Want
  4. I Want (feat. Kangta and BoA)
  5. I Want You I Need You
  6. Retry
  7. Always Together
  8. Maybe God Knows
  9. In Your Eyes
  10. Crystal (Featuring Jinju)
  11. Don`t Forget Me
  12. Shy Love
  13. Baby Love
  14. Should I Stay…
  15. 약속 (CD Bonus Track, Booty Mix)

Sea of Love

  1. Sea Of Love
  2. Condition Of My Heart
  3. Rains
  4. 그대를…(I Know..But..)
  5. Future Tonight
  6. Say My Name
  7. Trust
  8. No More Games
  9. In Love
  10. How Many Nights How Many Days
  11. All My Love
  12. Minutes
  13. 원망 (Tragic Love)
  14. Sea Of Love (Fany Version) – Bonus Track

Missing you

  1. 후 (Intro)
  2. Missing You
  3. 한 (Han)
  4. 습관 (Habit)
  5. 2 become 1
  6. Magic Song
  7. Still
  8. Only One
  9. Good to You
  10. You
  11. My Love
  12. I’m Gonna (Streaming TRAXing Trax)
  13. Baby Baby Baby (Streaming TRAX)


  1. Stay (Bae Hwa-Young, Hwang Sun-Je)
  2. 중력 (Gravity) (Park Chang-Hyun)
  3. 그대는 모르죠 (Good-Bye) (Hong Ji-yoo, Jamie Jones)
  4. Old Skool Love (Yoo Young-Jin, Yoo Han-Jin)
  5. 열감기 (Rest of My Life) (Brian Joo, Yoo Young-Jin, Yoo Chang-Yong)
  6. 한참이 지나도 (If You Go Away) (Hong Ji-Yoo, Hwang Se-Jun)
  7. Take a Bow (Seo Yong-Geun)
  8. 사랑을 모르다 (MONOLOGUE) (Lee Yoon-Jae)
  9. Tell Me (Choi Kab-Won, Park Ji-Young)
  10. My Neverending Story (Kim Young-Hoo)
  11. For You (Fany, Jamie Jones)


  1. Be with you (Im Sun-Ah, Lee Sang-In)
  2. 피 (避) (Evasion) (Park Chang-Hyun)
  3. 남자답게 (Like a Man) (Cho Eun-Hee, Kim Do-Hoon)
  4. 노랑나비(Yellow butterfly) (AND)
  5. 빌고 또 빌어도 (As I plead and plead again) (Cho Eun-Hee, Cho Kyu-Man)
  6. 하루가 가… (As a day passes by) (Lee Hee-Seung, Ha Jung-Ho)
  7. 사랑해요 우리 (Shall We Love) (ft. GUMMY) (Cho Eun-Hee, Hwang Se-Jun)
  8. 다시 돌아온 너에게 (To You Who Came Back Again) (Im Sun-Ah, Hwang Sung-Je)
  9. The girl is mine (ft. Lisa & Jho) (Ahn Young-Min, Kim Tae-Hyun)
  10. 폭풍속에 내 이름 불러주실 (Call my name in midst of a storm)(Kim Jin Yong, Lee Hyun-Seung)
  11. Question (Shim Jae-Hee, Hwang Chan-Hee)
  12. 심장(♡障) (Heart) (Lee Shi-Jin, Cho Joon-Young)

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