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Posted under Chinese Movies by admin on Tuesday 24 February 2009 at 13:38

Exiled (traditional Chinese: 放‧逐; Cantonese Yale: Fong‧juk) is a 2006 Hong Kong action crime drama film produced and directed by Johnnie To, and starring Anthony Wong, Roy Cheung, Francis Ng, and Simon Yam. The action takes place in contemporary Macau.


In 1998 Macau, former mobster Wo (Nick Cheung) lives quietly with his wife, Jin (Josie Ho), and his newborn child in a nondescript apartment, having turned over a new leaf. But vengeful mob boss Fay (Simon Yam)– who Wo once tried to assassinate–has dispatched a pair of aging hitmen to cut that peaceful existence short. Once arrived, killers Blaze (Anthony Wong) and Fat (Lam Suet) finds a second pair of hitmen, Tai (Francis Ng) and Cat (Roy Cheung) who are determined to protect Wo. After a brief showdown, the whole group lays their weapons down and bonds over dinner–after all, these men grew up together in the same gang. Reunited and hungry for another score, they plot a gold heist while a furious Fay adds the defiant clique to his hit list.


  • Anthony Wong Chau Sang – Blaze
  • Francis Ng – Tai
  • Nick Cheung – Wo
  • Roy Cheung – Cat
  • Lam Suet – Fat
  • Josie Ho – Jin, Wo’s wife
  • Simon Yam – Boss Fay
  • Richie Ren – Sergeant Chen
  • Ellen Chan – Hooker
  • Cheung Siu-Fai – Jeff
  • Hui Shiu Hung – Sergeant Shan
  • Lam Ka-Tung – Boss Keung
  • Tam Ping-Man – Uncle Fortune
  • Wong Chi-Wai – Darkie


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