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East of Eden OST

Posted under OST by admin on Sunday 15 February 2009 at 18:08

01. 운명을 거슬러 Reverse Fate – Sg워너비 ( SG Wannabe), 김종욱 (Kim Jong-Wook)
02. Crazy Woman – See Ya (Kim Yeon-Ji 김연지), Davichi (Lee Hae-Ri 이해리), Lee Jung-Min 이정민
03. 고백 Confession – Sg워너비 / SG Wannabe (Kim Jin-Ho 김진호)
04. 홍두 I Red Bean I – 다비치 Davichi (Lee Hae-Ri 이해리)
05. 갈증 Thirst – 김종욱 (Kim Jong-Wook)
06. 물병 Water Bottle – 다비치 Davichi
07. 폭풍속에서 In A Storm – M To M
08. 홍두 II Red Bean II – See Ya (Lee Bo-Ram 이보람)
09. 작은사랑 Little Love – M To M
10. Remember – M To M (Kim Sung-Tae 김성태)
11. 아버지와 새초롱 Father And New Silk-Covered Lantern [inst.]
12. 두 갈래 길 Two Fork Routes [inst.]
13. 동해 East Sea [inst.]
14. 마카오의 밤 Nights In Macao [inst.]
15. 하얀 유채 White Brassica Napus [inst.]
16. 생각나는 한 사람 One Person Who Remembers [inst.]
17. 해저문 황지역 The Seabed’s Waste Land [inst.]


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