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Posted under Chinese Movies by admin on Tuesday 24 February 2009 at 13:25

Divergence (Chinese: 三岔口; pinyin: San cha kou; Cantonese Yale: Saam cha hau) is a 2005 Hong Kong action-crime film produced and directed by Benny Chan, from a screenplay by Ivy Ho. The film stars Ekin Cheng, Aaron Kwok and Daniel Wu.


  • Aaron Kwok as Suen Siu-Yan
  • Ekin Cheng Yee-Kin as To Hou-San
  • Daniel Wu as Koo/Coke
  • Gallen Lo as Yiu Tin-Chung
  • Angelica Lee as Siu-Fong / Amy
  • Ning Jing as Ting
  • Yu Rongguang as Inspector Mok
  • Tommy Yuen as Yiu Ha
  • Samuel Pang as So Fu-On
  • Jan Lamb as Detective Chu
  • Eric Tsang as Uncle Choi
  • Sam Lee as Leung Tak
  • Lam Suet as Mou Wai-Bun

Suen is a depressed and rundown cop still obsessing over his girlfriend’s sudden disappearance 10 years ago. While Suen extradites a witness, his bounty is murdered by an oddly principled assassin who seems to possess information that Suen himself would kill for. The witness’ death is welcome news for a crooked businessman whose assets were frozen by the police, until his only son is kidnapped. Enter To, a lawyer who has always successfully protected his clients, and who coincidentally happens to be married to a woman who looks exactly like Suen’s missing girlfriend. Each of these men will ultimately and painfully be drawn together until a violent and permanent Divergence becomes this film’s only forgone conclusion.


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