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Death Bell (2008)

Posted under Korean Movies by admin on Thursday 26 September 2013 at 10:15

Death Bell

Title: Death Bell / Midterm Exams: Blood / Midterm Exams: Blood
Genre: Horror / Thriller
Runtime: 88min.
Release date: August 7, 2008

Main Cast

Nam Gyu-Ri Kim Beom Lee Beom-Su Yun Jeong-Hee Lee Chae-Won Moon Woong-Ki
Nam Gyu-Ri Kim Beom Lee Beom-Soo Yun Jung-Hee Lee Chae-Won Moon Woong-Ki
Yi-Na Kang Hyeon Hwang Chang-Ok Choi So-Yeong Uhm Ji-Yang Kim Hyung-Jin



On the eve of the dreaded university entrance examinations, the lives of 24 of the smartest and brightest students at one high school, are on the line. Locked inside a classroom and nowhere to escape, a television monitor broadcasts a terrified Hae-yeong, the top student at the high school, tied up and seated on a chair inside an aquarium that slowly begins to fill with water. A voice from the monitor announces if the 24 cannot finish the exam administered within the allotted time given, Hae-yeong will die and so will everyone held captive inside the classroom. Thus begins the examination that will determine whether they live or die.




Part 1 | Part 2 + Eng Subs

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