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Azumi I

Posted under Japanese Movies by admin on Wednesday 25 February 2009 at 12:57

Genre: Jidaigeki, Action
Origin: Japan
Director: Ryuhei Kitamura
Producer: Mataichiro Yamamoto
Action Director: Yuta Morokaji
Writer: Yu Koyama (manga)


Aya Ueto … Azumi
Yoshio Harada … Gessai
Masato Ibu … Nagamasa Asano
Aya Okamoto … Yae
Naoto Takenaka … Kiyomasa Kato
Joe Odagiri … Bijomaru Mogami
Minoru Matsumoto … Saru
Katsuki Kitamura … Inoue Kanbei
Kenji Kohashi … Hyuga
Hideo Sakaki … Nagato


Azumi, played by Aya Ueto, is discovered as a 7-8 year old girl kneeling without visible emotion next to the body of her dead mother by the samurai master Gessai, played by Yoshio Harada, and his entourage of young students. Azumi is raised in the martial skills of samurai and shinobi sword fighting, and the art of assassination. Azumi and her fellow classmates, now at young adult age, are constantly being told about a “mission” they must accomplish, though they have no idea what this mission is yet.

Prior to setting out on their mission, their master orders his students to “pair up” with each others’ best friend and proceed to kill each other, thus out of 10 students only five will remain to proceed with the mission. Questions and internal conflicts begin to arise amongst Azumi and her comrades as it seems their mission even prevents them from saving a village of mostly women and children from being masacred at the hands of a group of bandits, as their primary mission is to kill the warlords Asano Nagamasa, Masayuki Sanada and Kiyomasa Kato. Aside from the warlords, Azumi must also deal with a narcissistic mercenary, Bijomaru Mogami, whose sword has no handguards as he claims to never have had to defend against attacks. He is very feminine in appereance, seen wearing makeup, having long hair and always carries around a rose. He kills one of Azumi’s friends and is the final villain that Azumi has to fight in the movie. Azumi and Bijomaru fight to a standstill when Bijomaru, already insane, snaps. He becomes reckless and Azumi decapitates him.


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