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Azumi 2: Dead or Love

Posted under Japanese Movies by admin on Wednesday 25 February 2009 at 12:58

Language: Japanese (English Subtitle)
Aya Ueto …. Azumi
Yuma Ishigaki …. Nagara
Chiaki Kuriyama …. Kozue
Shun Oguri …. Ginkaku
Kenichi Endo …. Sajiki Isshin
Kai Shishido …. Hanzou
Eugene Nomura …. Samurai Z
Tak Sakaguchi …. Tsuchi-gumo
Shôichirô Masumoto …. Saburouta
Kenji Takechi …. Kiheita
Ai Maeda …. Chiyo
Toshie Negishi …. Yone
Toshiya Nagasawa …. Sanada
Shigeru Kôyama …. Nankou-bou Tenkai
Kazuki Kitamura …. Kanbei Inoue


Azumi 2: Death or Love picks up where the last film left off, with the title character wandering around Japan with her good friend Nagara (Ishigaki Yuma, from Battle Royale II) in tow. But in her travels, Azumi’s life is interrupted by violence once more. This time around, Azumi has found herself caught in the thick of some major internal strife within the Japanese government and is enlisted by a lord to dispose of a rival official, the evil Sanada Masayuki (Hira Mikijiro, from Suzuki Seijun’s Pistol Opera). With no other choice left to her, Azumi must unsheathe her sword once more and mete out bloody retribution. But things get complicated when she meets up with a motley band of crooks that just so happen to have a member who bears an uncannily resemblance to Azumi’s former best friend, Nachi (a returning Oguri Syun). Is there romance in the cards for Azumi or only death and destruction?


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  1. Comment by izanamy — July 8, 2009 @ 03:30

    i looove Aya Ueto she so cute and awesome azumi great movie

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