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Rainie Yang – Rainie’s Proclamation – Not Yet A Woman

Posted under Rainie Yang by admin on Saturday 28 February 2009 at 16:07

Genre : Pop/Ballad
Record Label : Sony BMG Music Entertainment Ltd
Country : Taiwan
Language : Mandarin

Tracklist :

01. 太烦恼 (Too Much Trouble)
02. 带我走 (Take Me Away)
03. 我的爱吊点滴 (I Love Hanging Drop)
04. 冷战 (Cold War)
05. 火星 (Mars)
06. 半熟宣言 (Half Mature Declaration)
07. 爱我请 Shutup (Love Me Please Shutup)
08. 在你怀里的微笑 (In The Arms Of Your Smile)
09. 女生我最大 (Girls, I’m The Biggest)
10. 幸福的节拍 (Beat Of Happiness)


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