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Haru – An Unforgettable Day in Korea (2010)

Posted under Korean Movies by admin on Sunday 6 October 2013 at 12:19

Haru – An Unforgettable Day in Korea

Title: Haru – An Unforgettable Day in Korea / 하루
Genre: Action / Romantic / Comedy / Drama
Runtime: 30min.
Release date: September 24, 2010

Main Cast

BIGBANG U-Know Yunho Han Chae Young Park Shi Hoo Lee Dae Hae Kim Bum
BIGBANG U-Know Yunho Han Chae Young Park Shi Hoo Lee Dae Hae Kim Bum
energetic idol stars romantic tough action actor sexy stylist cute mischievous cafe manager a beautiful scenario writer photographer with gentle heart



Ten of Korean’s hottest stars representing the next generation of the Korean Wave have gotten together to promote Korea as a travel destination. The names of the stars which will make your heart flutter include Big Bang, U-know Yunho, Kim Bum, Lee Da-hae, Han Chae-young, and Park Si-hoo. The team was also joined by Korea’s own advertising director Park Myung-chun, Lee Jung-ah the scriptwriter of The First Shop of Coffee Prince and the famous music director O Joon-sung of Boys over Flowers. This campaign is going to be Korea’s blockbuster drama.

The drama was designed to give tourists a chance to see the true beauty of Korea through the eyes of different characters. You can experience Korea in so many different ways: the liveliness and Rhythmic Korea with Big Bang, the dynamic and Exciting side with U-know Yunho, easy and Natural stays with Kim Bum, Romantic and lovable side with Lee Da-hae, Beauty and stylishness with Han Chae-young, and deep and Tasty Korean food with Park Shi-hoo.



Part 1 | Part 2 + Eng Subs

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