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Leo Ku – I’m Still Your King Of Love Songs

Posted under Leo Ku by admin on Saturday 28 February 2009 at 15:59

Genre : Pop/Ballad
Language : Mandarin

Tracklist :

01. 情歌王 (King Of Love Songs)
02.我還是你的 (I’m Still Yours)
03.還是好朋友 – 古巨基/梁靜茹 (Still Good Friends – Leo Ku/Fish Leong)
04.每一面都美 (Beautiful In All Side)
05.小甜蜜 (Little Sweety)
06.護身符 (Lucky Charm)
07.還是一個人 (Still One Person)
08.愛的太晚 (Love Too Late)
09.原來的自己 (Your Real Self)
10.永遠的彩虹 (Everlasting Rainbow)


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