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Fish Leong – Today Is Valentine’s Day

Posted under Jasmine Leong by admin on Saturday 28 February 2009 at 15:28

Tracklist :

01. 今天情人節 (2008世界巡迴主題曲) [Today Is Valentine’s Day (2008 World Tour Theme Song)]
02. 如果能在一起 (電影 “新郎不是我” 預告主題曲) [If We Can Be Together (“Made Of Honor” Advert Theme Song)]
03. 我們就到這 (方文山作詞+JS陳忠義作曲) [Wo Men Jiu Dao Zhe]
04. 我決定 (網友強烈連署堅決收入) [My Decision]
05-08. 昨日情書: 無言花/紅豆/記得/情書 (2008 “今天情人節”) LIVE! [Yesterday’s Love Letter : Speechless Flower/Red Beans/Remember/Love Letter (LIVE)]
09. 崇拜 (2008 “今天情人節”) LIVE! [Worship (LIVE)]
10. 會呼吸的痛 (2008 “今天情人節”) LIVE! [Pain That Breathes (LIVE)]
11. 知足 (2008 “今天情人節”) LIVE! [Contented (LIVE)]
12. 愛很簡單 (2008 “今天情人節”) LIVE! [Love Is Simple (LIVE)]
13. 誘惑的街 (2007 “理性與感性”) LIVE! [Temptation’s Street (LIVE)]
14. 夢醒時分 (2007 “理性與感性”) LIVE! [Time Of Awakening (LIVE)]
15. Let’s Fall In Love (2008 “今天情人節”) LIVE!
16. C’est La Vie (2008 “今天情人節”) LIVE!
17. 滿滿的都是愛 (2008第一首梁氏甜蜜心聲) [Full Of Love]


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